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A transformative experience to accelerate
sustainability plans


Planet Purpose Experigame (P🌎P, for short) is a transformative training experience that equips and engages your team on sustainability strategy.

It is a multi-dimensional event to understand the complexities of an ESG strategy.

It is a combination of role-play, future-forward approach, learning sessions based on real life examples, together with a simulation platform to maximise learning.


Participants are put in the shoes of a C-suite with different roles (CEO, CFO, CMO, CHRO...).


They run the strategy of a company, living first-hand its challenges and hard choices!​

Planet Purpose is the perfect solution to engage head and heart your teams on all aspects of sustainability strategy and actions with a real impact on your plan.


Through this transformative, up-skilling, engaging journey, participants become more knowledgable practitioners and increase their appetite to tackle sustainability challenges.

And, when played in teams, it is a very powerful team building experience!


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Justine Hutteau, Respire co-founder's testimony

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ESG in full, not only E.

Planet Purpose ExperiGame covers the full spectrum of sustainability: Environment, but also Society and Governance. All the key dimensions of ESG are tackled. This is all the more important as there is a strong interconnection between those topics.


There is no "so what now?":

it leads directly to your acceleration plan.

It delivers some rather complex concepts around sustainability in a simple way and lead to the acceleration of your sustainability plan.

Not only participants leave with an increased appetite to tackle sustainability challenges, but they have reflected on how to accelerate their team and individual impact.


It is not your usual MOOC,

that you do alone, most often after hours at midnight! It is a highly engaging team experience, based on real use cases, delivered by experienced business professionals.

It is a hands-on, role played and gamified approach that makes the experience memorable and transformative.


Physical? Virtual?

It can be anything!

It is highly adaptable and can be played physically or virtually, to fit your team needs and logistics. After all, we should not fly people around the world to discuss sustainability, right?



Board Member

Playing POP was very exciting ! It brought a lot of information and practices that are very useful to my activity. I really got into the game, motivated by the great diversity of my team members and by the adrenaline generated by the urgency to save the planet!




Brand Director

I was the CFO of my team, and a very tough one. I loved the fact that there were cycles: you learned and then could apply the learnings. I discovered much about the world of sustainability and how my company is approaching it.




Master's Student

We learnt about a holistic range of issues and how to go about them from a professional perspective but also a personal one. It reminded us that we are now going into the workforce and that we need to start saving the planet now.





Chief Sustainability Officer

Planet Purpose Experigame is a very effective tool to engage your leaders on their sustainability journey; they can navigate through multiple trade-offs and orchestrate optimal choices to address the needs of their stakeholders – all this, while also having fun!



CSR Director

It was incredible. It was fun and super educational. The role-play design was absolutely genius. It pushes you to put yourself in the shoes of the decision maker. I thought I knew because this is what I do everyday, but in the end I didn’t.




General Manager

It was a fantastic team building event around such an important topic. The team, learned, had fun and reflected on their current plan to accelerate it. It brings a high level of energy and sense of urgency




Chief Executive Officer

POP sparks a collective mindset shift with the same level of understanding for all. It’s fun, impactful and transformative. Players become knowledgeable leaders to drive change. A super powerful team building!




Portrait of Marie-Anne

Marie-Anne Aymerich

30+ years as Senior Executive at Unilever & LVMH

Supervisory Board Member Haleon, Pierre Fabre

Business Angel

HEC Paris

"I conceived Planet Purpose as a memorable and transformative experience for people, based on my own experience. The experience of a practitioner. Sustainability is a complex topic and can be daunting. My aim was to deliver a straightforward, fun and memorable experience, where learning is acquired in a seamless and varied way, and where people leave transformed with better plans and a real appetite to step up and build accelerating strategies. I have surrounded myself with experts to deliver that vision."

In collaboration with

Portrait of Laurent Seyer

Laurent Seyer

30+ years as Senior Executive in Finance

Ex-Chief Operating Officer of MSCI 

Natixis Board Member

Business Angel and Writer


Portrait of Alexandre


CEO Digiworks
Gamification expert

Portrait of Fabrizio Contartese


HEC Paris

Program leader

Portrait of Matthieu


42, ENS Paris-Saclay

Data expert

Portrait of Mathias



UX expert

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Want to know more about Planet Purpose ExperiGame and how your team can be up-skilled on sustainable strategy?

You have already an ESG strategy but want to accelerate?

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