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Portrait of Marie-Anne

Marie-Anne Aymerich

30+ years as Senior Executive at Unilever & LVMH

Supervisory Board Member Haleon, Pierre Fabre

Business Angel

HEC Paris

"I have conceived Planet Purpose as a memorable and transformative experience for people, based on my own experience. The experience of a practitioner. Sustainability is a complex topic and can be daunting. My aim was to deliver a straightforward, fun and memorable experience, where learning is acquired in a seamless and varied way, and where people leave transformed with better plans and a real appetite to step up and build accelerating strategies. I have surrounded myself with experts to deliver that vision."

In collaboration with

Portrait of Laurent Seyer

Laurent Seyer

30+ years as Senior Executive in Finance

Ex-Chief Operating Officer of MSCI 

Natixis Board Member

Business Angel and Writer


Portrait of Alexandre


CEO Digiworks
Gamification expert

Portrait of Fabrizio Contartese


HEC Paris

Sustainability trainer

Portrait of Matthieu


42, ENS Paris-Saclay

Data expert

Portrait of Mathias



UX expert

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua."

With the support of:

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This is our calling. The calling for business and its leaders. The calling for a better world. 

Leaders need to take their part in the change and become the architects of a responsible world with a positive impact on business, society, and the planet. 

How to drive companies to be purpose-led in order to be future-fit?

How to embed ESG by design and become sustainable?

Planet Purpose Experigame aims to drive this change from the roots, in business schools, in governing Boards, in corporations, with any team that want to embrace the net positive thinking, a new way to do business. 

A purposeful way.

Because we know a playful first-hand experience will make a lasting difference, we have created just that: a journey built out of our executive experiences and realities, that will transform the participants, and give them the desire to be net-positive leaders, grounded in real challenges and enthusiastic to tackle them.

Oh! and this is not only our calling. It is a call to action.

Enjoy your journey to a Purposeful and Sustainable future!

The P🌎P Squad

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